X-Art Sammy & Ashley S in They Seem So Sweet

What do you get when you mix a ravishing redhead with a beautiful blonde? A whole lot of sexy! So then what do you get when these babes start touching and licking each other’s naked bodies?

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Definitely hot and wet (for girls like me) or hard (for fellas like many of you)…or let’s just say HORNY for all sexual beings :-)



These girls know how to get freaky, and literally could have gone for hours if we would’ve let them. They will blow your mind, so get ready. They only seem so sweet…

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X-Art The Famous Capri Anderson from Charlie Sheen Episode

The girl of your dreams… She emerges, bathed in white light and wearing a sheer, tight-fitting camisole. She tosses her hair forward and smiles, her pouty pink lips parting, eyes sparkling.

Her delicate fingers find their way inside the top of her panties, eventually pulling them aside. On all fours, she flashes an irresistible view. As her clothes come off, she falls back in the bed. Eyes closed, her hands wander. A beam of warm sunlight falls across her torso, leading you inside.

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In this artistic explicit HD video, 19 year-old Capri slips out of her white camisole and let’s her hands wander across her body. In her sweet and soft voice, Capri narrates to you as if you’re her lost lover. All she wants is to have you there with her in bed.

Her fingers glide across that wet spot at the entrance of her light pink pussy as she arches her back. She pushes her fingers deeper, finally finding that special spot inside that pushes her over the edge… into the throes of a shuddering orgasm! This is a gorgeous moment, captured for you on video… you won’t want to miss it!

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X-Art Scarlet & Christine in Fantasy Come True with Mr X

Scarlet and Mr. X already showed us their incredible chemistry in “Raw Passion.” Get ready for that and more when the beautiful redhead Christine joins X-Art and this sexy scene.

Mr. X raved about these two delicious girls (I’m sure I would too! ;-)) Lucky, lucky man. And lucky girls.. A real fantasy comes true for this man in real life, check it out!

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X-Art Beatrice in Two Boys and a Girl

Beatrice is a beautiful young woman that men lust after constantly. She has fair skin, a perky body complete with natural medium-sized breasts, and a wicked smile that could seduce any man instantly. Her sexual appetite is never satisfied and her mind is constantly filled with thoughts of hard cocks filling her pussy.

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While on vacation at a tropical resort, her lust continued and may have even grown in strength due to all the shirtless studs poolside. Beatrice wore a tiny black bikini that showed off her cute ass and lots of cleavage from her perky tits. She noticed that her nipples were hard and visibly erect through her bikini top.

Her pussy was beginning to get wet when she caught the glance of a shirtless young man walking by the chair she was sunbathing in. She gave him that devious grin of hers and he stopped in his tracks. Beatrice knew she now had the young guy and could do with him as she pleased.


After long stares into each other’s eyes and sensual flirting, Beatrice and her new man decided to go for a walk to a more private area of the resort. Walking hand and hand they found a secluded area and stopped. Beatrice pushed her boy toy against the palm tree, dropped to her knees in front of him, and unzipped his shorts.

Yanking his shorts to the ground, Beatrice watched his cock spring in the air as it was already rock hard. She started jerking, licking, and sucking on his stiff prick in the outdoors where anyone could find them. Her lust was out of control and she didn’t care one bit about the risk. In fact, it may have made her hornier!

After the blowjob she rose to her feet, put her hands on the palm tree, and bent over. Beatrice was presenting her pussy to the lucky guy so he could shove his prick deep inside. He pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and penetrated her sweet young pussy. After a few strokes in and out of her mound, they were both startled by another man approaching. Unwilling to pull his cock out of Beatrice’s pussy, he kept fucking her. She moaned loudly and could actually feel her pussy becoming wetter from
being watched.

The man walked right up to Beatrice as she was getting fucked and eyed her up and down. She looked at him too and once again gave her infamous grin. She wanted both of the young men to fuck her at the same time. The other man immediately recognized her signal and joined in on the action by running his hands all over Beatrice’s body and kissing her passionately as she was still being pounded from behind.

What was a hot fuck between a man and a woman was now a threesome with two guys working hard to make Beatrice’s pussy orgasm. Judging from how loud and frequent her moans of pleasure were, it wouldn’t be long before she was squirting all over both young studs!

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X-Art Breanne BabyDoll

Breanne looks absolutely stunning in her tiny yellow babydoll negligee. Her skin is illuminated as warm beams of sunlight light her hair. She seems a little shy at first. But beneath her bashful exterior, a very naughty girl is waiting for an opportunity to express herself. Breanne can’t wait to slip out of her underwear and show her body to the camera.

Every time you click the shutter, she moves to a new position… obviously she’s been practicing in front of the mirror. She turns and points her tiny ass towards you, flashing a quick glimpse of her pussy. As she gazes directly into your lens, her perky nipples point straight ahead. Your eyes wander down… down… down…

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X-Art Caprice & Izzy in Girls Who Like Girls

Izzy’s first time with a girl and she is lucky enough to be with the sex goddess that is Caprice! Watch as Caprice teaches her to lick, suck and finger until they both cum. She is a quick learner. A hot and beautiful girl that you won’t want to miss!

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