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X-Art Alice in Featherlight

Light as a feather, stiff as a board. Does anyone remember that game that kids play (or used to play)? When all of the kids put their hands under one person and try to levitate them…

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Well it would be pretty easy to do with Alice (she is a very petite “featherlight” girl).

She and Seth get in a pillow fight and then their rowdiness turns to passion.



Watch this little fireball suck him and ride him until he can’t hold back and has to get on top.

A really good match and fun video.

Watch it and see if you levitate (or get stiff as a board 😉

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X-Art Bunny & Alice in Bad Girls with Danny

Bunny and Alice, two beautiful teen girls, are kneeling in bed and admiring their manicures. Both the young brunette, and blonde, wear only their panties. The perky natural breasts of each girl jiggle as they laugh and giggle together.

They both have soft skin with a pink hue and look absolutely stunning. It’s no wonder that as soon as their boyfriend came home he immediately approached the girls and let them know that his cock was already hard.

The two girls share their man, and their sexual experiences. Bunny and Alice love each other’s pussy just as much as they love cock. Every time he comes home from work, a wild, orgasmic threesome naturally occurs. All three are young, gorgeous, and love to fuck!

The girls start off tonight’s group sex by both sucking on their man’s cock at the same time. After he’s fully erect, it’s time for the real action to begin!

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Both Bunny and Alice take turns mounting their favorite dick and lowering themselves upon its shaft. Their wet teen pussies are penetrated deeply and their moans begin to get louder. After Alice and Bunny are done riding his big penis, they move in and out of sexual positions until they finally settle into the one that makes them all cum at the same time. One babe fucked, while eating the pussy of the other until all 3 explode!

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