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X-Art Francesca and Capri Just the Two of Us

Best described as an exalted moment of sexual ecstasy – Francesca and her cute brunette friend Capri roll around in bed and make passionate love to each other! The two girls entwine and share several HOT, deep kisses before diving below, to try a taste of their sweetest treasures. Don’t get me wrong, these girls are both crazy for guys… But every now and then they crave the feeling of another woman. Skin soft like butter; lips trembling, gentle, and tender…

Enjoy every beautiful moment with this heavenly duo!
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In a slow dance of seduction, the girls tempted each other. Capri guided Fran’s lips towards her own until they could feel each other’s breath. The sexual energy circled back and forth between these two gorgeous angels, amplifying as it flowed.

Capri gently flicked her tongue along Fran’s nipple, causing a wave pleasure that traveled straight through her body. Down on all fours, Capri found the perfect angle. He tongue parted Francesca’s pussy lips and moved in a circular pattern. As the girls kissed again, their tongues met and Francesca tasted her own juices in Capri’s mouth. Happy to return the favor, Fran climbed into the 69 position atop Capri. The girls pressed their tongues into each other…

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X-Art Capri in Green Eyes with Tyler

Capri and Tyler are a couple in real life. We have been seeing a lot of them lately. They have such cool personalities and are SO in love.

The video we shot the same day as this photo set is one of my favorites ever (honestly, it is).

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They are so passionate and real and the cinematography is awesome!

You will see them on the beach, making out and making love like only a real match made in heaven can.

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X-Art Capri & Ana in Only Girls

Capri in her first ever interracial scene with the absolutely stunning and amazing Ana! These girls really want each other. Beautiful contrast and hot sex. Ana is beautiful inside and out and you will get to see all of her here!

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X-Art The Famous Capri Anderson from Charlie Sheen Episode

The girl of your dreams… She emerges, bathed in white light and wearing a sheer, tight-fitting camisole. She tosses her hair forward and smiles, her pouty pink lips parting, eyes sparkling.

Her delicate fingers find their way inside the top of her panties, eventually pulling them aside. On all fours, she flashes an irresistible view. As her clothes come off, she falls back in the bed. Eyes closed, her hands wander. A beam of warm sunlight falls across her torso, leading you inside.

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In this artistic explicit HD video, 19 year-old Capri slips out of her white camisole and let’s her hands wander across her body. In her sweet and soft voice, Capri narrates to you as if you’re her lost lover. All she wants is to have you there with her in bed.

Her fingers glide across that wet spot at the entrance of her light pink pussy as she arches her back. She pushes her fingers deeper, finally finding that special spot inside that pushes her over the edge… into the throes of a shuddering orgasm! This is a gorgeous moment, captured for you on video… you won’t want to miss it!

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X-Art Capri Kiera & Scarlet in Happy Birthday Capri with Jay & Chad

Capri is celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend, and another couple, that have become their very close friends. Kiera stopped by too, and all 3 girls were having a great time. Scarlet and her boyfriend were more than happy to come celebrate this occasion and even brought lots of champagne to get things going.

They might have brought a little too much champagne! The girls didn’t mind though, they all had glass after glass and got themselves pretty hammered. It’s a party after all!
[nggallery id=281]
Capri, Kiera and Scarlet had no idea they would get so drunk, so fast, at the birthday party. Their boyfriends just sat back and laughed at how silly they were acting. Then, things got less silly and a lot sexier. The girls started taking off their clothes! First, Capri would remove an article of clothing, and then Scarlet would do the same.

Kiera would take things further, and the other two babes followed. It was like they were in some drunk stripping competition. The guys just watched on in disbelief. An innocent and intimate birthday party was turning into a wild and naked strip show!

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At the end of their stripper competition, Capri, Kiera, and Scarlet were completely naked, dancing around the room, and drinking champagne straight from the bottles. Their dancing became fondling, and all 3 girls were starting to get wet from the champagne and from the touching.

The guys weren’t going to be left out and joined in on the fun. Soon, everyone at the party was naked and grinding against one another. It went from a birthday party to an all-out orgy! Girls were fucked, guys were fucking, and partners were being switched. The best part of it all, they have the whole thing on video! Go watch it now!

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