Category: Faye Reagan

Faye’s natural beauty is captivating. Her large, shapely breasts, flaming red hair and freckled face are enough to make most men (and many women) fall head over heels.

She’s an adventurous, sexually liberated young women and a born performer. She is totally at ease in front of the camera.

Faye actually loves to have sex with both guys and girls, which makes shooting her all the more exciting!

  • X Art Deep Desire Featuring Faye Regan

    There are MANY reasons to fall in love with Faye. Who can resist her long flowing red curls, her pale freckled skin, her pillow-like pink lips and her perfect heart-shaped ass? But perhaps the most entrancing thing about Faye is her arousing glance… she gazes directly into your eyes, stirring deep desire as she explores the […]

  • X-Art Best Friends Forever Georgia Jones and Faye Reagan

    Faye and Georgia are BFF’s. They do everything together. Sometimes, when the boys aren’t around, they play make-believe. Georgia embraces her BFF, holding her close. She rests her head on Faye’s warm, inviting breast. “I know what you need,” Georgia strokes her hand along Faye’s bare leg, sending shivers all the way up the inside of […]