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X-Art Silver Bullets Featuring Hayden H & Kiera

You’re invited to a private party with Hayden and Kiera. Join them for a fashion photo-shoot. Watch them dance and flirt until they are totally excited and turned on. Next they go down on each other and Hayden shows Kiera how to use her fingers on a girl (Kiera is new to girls but Hayden is a pro).

Finally, they pull out the secret weapons, their ‘silver bullets’ and proceed to cum like crazy!

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And may I suggest trying one of these little bullets on your wife or girlfriend while you’re having sex, it’s pretty awesome! Shot it in our new Los Angeles studio! 😉

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X-Art Kiera In Late for Work

Kiera’s FIRST sex scene ever! And she was a total natural.

She and Seth had great chemistry and I could have sworn that they are a real couple (maybe they are now…).

Great ready to enjoy this beautiful, petite girl with huge eyes as she gives an amazing blowjob and rides her lover like a pro.

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Then he flips her over on her side and missionary and finally comes on her perfect body.

Very hot and very fun. Don’t miss Kiera’s first sex on camera! (And… can you even tell it’s her first time doing this???)

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X-Art Capri Kiera & Scarlet in Happy Birthday Capri with Jay & Chad

Capri is celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend, and another couple, that have become their very close friends. Kiera stopped by too, and all 3 girls were having a great time. Scarlet and her boyfriend were more than happy to come celebrate this occasion and even brought lots of champagne to get things going.

They might have brought a little too much champagne! The girls didn’t mind though, they all had glass after glass and got themselves pretty hammered. It’s a party after all!
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Capri, Kiera and Scarlet had no idea they would get so drunk, so fast, at the birthday party. Their boyfriends just sat back and laughed at how silly they were acting. Then, things got less silly and a lot sexier. The girls started taking off their clothes! First, Capri would remove an article of clothing, and then Scarlet would do the same.

Kiera would take things further, and the other two babes followed. It was like they were in some drunk stripping competition. The guys just watched on in disbelief. An innocent and intimate birthday party was turning into a wild and naked strip show!

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At the end of their stripper competition, Capri, Kiera, and Scarlet were completely naked, dancing around the room, and drinking champagne straight from the bottles. Their dancing became fondling, and all 3 girls were starting to get wet from the champagne and from the touching.

The guys weren’t going to be left out and joined in on the fun. Soon, everyone at the party was naked and grinding against one another. It went from a birthday party to an all-out orgy! Girls were fucked, guys were fucking, and partners were being switched. The best part of it all, they have the whole thing on video! Go watch it now!

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