X-Art Caprice & Baby in Grow Up with Me with Jake

When Baby first started at X-Art she had never been with a woman, much less a group! Caprice had much more experience and she brings her little X-Art sister into a really hot and passionate couples session.

All four were so turned on. Watch as they give each other multiple orgasms. This is an Amazing photo set and an absolutely awesome HD video. I just really love it!

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And even if groups are not for you, I suggest you watch this one anyway. The passion and love will appeal to men, women and couples. It is just really great to see a combination like this, especially when they are so into it. We had a blast shooting this scene ;-) A Very rare gem that you will only see on X-Art!



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X-Art Tiffany Thompson in At Home with Tiffany with Brandon

What better way to complete a romantic weekend than to see these two real life lovebirds have a sexy good time at home?


There’s really nothing more enjoyable than witnessing true love…and then experiencing some really great sucking and fucking along with it :-) Tiffany and Brandon are one of a kind


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X-Art Leila in Three for The Show

Leila is a guy’s girl. She’s always part of the gang of guys that watch football, hang out together, and just chill. Two of the guys invited Leila over for a day at the pool.

She happily accepted the invitation and showed up in her favorite orange bikini. The boys took one look at Leila and realized she wouldn’t just be one of the guys today.

Her orange bikini was tiny and showed off Leila’s body. The guys were turned on and had to admit that their friend was now a hottie they had to have. After a few drinks they convinced Leila to take her top off. After a few more drinks they were all skinny dipping together. A drink or two more and the boys were now double teaming Leila’s sweet young pussy! Her amazing tits, great ass, and tight wet pussy made Leila their new best friend!

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X-Art Sunshine Super Tight

Beautiful bright-eyed blonde Sunshine shows off her long, lean, sun-kissed body… and her impossibly tight pussy – as she sucks and fucks you like never before! You begin with several minutes of passionate kisses. Her bikini top comes off, exposing her incredible, jutting breasts. She loves having her nipples licked – they turn from pink and puffy to pointy and firm. Imagine running your hands down her tight body. She pulls down your shorts and wraps her tongue around the head of your bulging cock. In and out, she invites you to fuck her mouth and throat relentlessly.

Now it’s your turn to return the oral favor. As you taste her perfect little pink pussy, you can’t help but notice how tight it is! You can barely fit your tongue inside – let alone one finger. How are you going to fuck her? She’s super-tight! You better get her nice and wet first…

When the time finally comes to push your cock inside her – you’ll never forget the heavenly feeling. Her pussy grabs you like a vice. She looks up at you with those gorgeous blue eyes as you fuck her… you can’t wait much longer. She’s begging you to fill her with your cum! To see more of this gallery make sure to click here

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X-Art Lexi Belle in Little Lexi

Lexi is a sexy, spirited 18 year-old blond. She smiles, standing topless. Her nipples, vibrant and perky, get hard as she dances around in the soft, cool breeze.

Lexi sits down on a wall and spreads her legs. Fully nude, the enchanting nymph poses with a tree in the background, overwhelming you with appreciation for the beauty of nature.

“I love to be naked indoors or outdoors,” Lexi shoots you a naughty, tempting smile, “How come the model is always naked and the photographer has his clothes on? Come on. I dare you!”

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X-Art Mackenzie in Tiny Pussy

Mackenzie is a bad girl. She’s always wanted to model nude, not because she needs the money, but because she’s a TOTAL exhibitionist! She just turned 18 and these are her first photos, but let me say it did seem like she’s been doing this for a while.

She jumps on the bed and starts rolling around (she’s very jumpy, not one of those models that moves like a limp noodle). She slides her cotton panties down and pulls her pussy lips open. She has the cutest ‘tiny pussy’. Then she shoves her fingers all the way inside and starts masturbating. The whole time, taunting the photographer…”don’t you want to fuck my tiny pussy!?”

It’s almost too much too handle. What would you do??

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X-Art Erica Sexual Beauty

New model Erica spreads her legs and plays with her perfect pussy in the bubble chair. Watch Erica stretch and flex her perfect body. Notice her deep brown eyes, gravity-defying breasts and fantastic bubble butt!

This set is a preface of things to cum: Just turned 20 years old Erica and her husband joined us in Spain. They are a beautiful, loving Portuguese couple who don’t mind sharing their partner. Get ready to fall in love with this classic beauty!

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X-Art Silver Bullets Featuring Hayden H & Kiera

You’re invited to a private party with Hayden and Kiera. Join them for a fashion photo-shoot. Watch them dance and flirt until they are totally excited and turned on. Next they go down on each other and Hayden shows Kiera how to use her fingers on a girl (Kiera is new to girls but Hayden is a pro).

Finally, they pull out the secret weapons, their ‘silver bullets’ and proceed to cum like crazy!

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And may I suggest trying one of these little bullets on your wife or girlfriend while you’re having sex, it’s pretty awesome! Shot it in our new Los Angeles studio! ;-)

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