X-Art Susie, Angelica & Heidi in Group Sex

When Angelica and Ben invited their three closest friends over for cocktails and “fun”, they probably had no idea just how enjoyable their evening would be.

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Where these beautiful people go, sexy times indeed follow. And this occasion is no exception!


You will be desperate to join in on the fun — which involves a whole lot of sucking, fucking, and cumming altogether. Good luck lasting through this beautifully erotic masterpiece! You will need it 😉

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X-Art Grace Linsay Nastia in Russian Invasion

It’s a Russian invasion at X-Art! Why are girls from Russia so unbelievably hot?!?

It obviously has something to do with genetics of some sort, but I’m not sure that even the most brilliant scientist could pinpoint it….

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Regardless, appreciate these Russian beauties – flown in like fine caviar for your enjoyment.

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X-Art Tiffany in Do It To Me One More Time with Brandon

Can we really ever get enough of Tiffany? Personally I can’t stop staring at this stunning couple. They stayed at our house during the shoots this week and every day we all got up at 6am to drive to a county where we can shoot our kind of work in peace.

But after we all the arrived at the house, the energy quickly became hot and sweet. Tiffany and Brandon have just gotten back together after a short break-up so they were really hot for each other and (lucky for us) saved it for our cameras!


Watch these Super Models having sex one more time…

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X-Art Leila & James Deen in Come Inside from the Cold

When was the last time you watched porn and thought to yourself, ‘these guys are really into the action they’re taking part in.’? Chances are you’ve been subjected to the same old theory of taking a young girl and putting her in front of a lens so she can be laid and slayed every which way by the stud they employ to fuck her. Well, If you want a different porn experience, X-Art has the ticket out of boring porn shoots.

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See, in this scene, you get to see Leila and James Deen: two very passionate people who absolutely love having intercourse that is connecting, sensual and about mutual pleasure. X-Art understands that people are tired of the same content being dished out over and over again. That’s why they made a site where beautiful interactions between loving people can take place.


As a member, you get to look on and enjoy the sensual delights of women really enjoying sex and men doing their best to put them in a state of pure bliss.


There are no shortcuts or easy ways out of this: girls need to be cared for, and when X-Art sets itself the task of allowing women to really enjoy the concept of pornography, they do everyone a huge favor. Stay tuned – Leila has a lot more content to come!

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X-Art Angie in Morning Desires

Have you ever woken up really horny and your partner was SOUND ASLEEP next to you. Ahhhh! Did you start masturbating (secretly hoping they will wake up and join in??)

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Well that is exactly what Angie does and lucky for her Tyler wakes up and HE DOES join in 😉 Watch as she takes his large cock in her small mouth and tight pussy.


See her ride him until she cums. Finally he pushes himself all the way down her throat only to pull out and cum all over her GORGEOUS, natural, breasts. Morning Desires are real and it is great when they can be satisfied.

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X-Art Izzy & Dina in Rub Me The Right Away with Jake

Dina wants to show Jake her many skills – including some deep relaxation techniques and seduction methods (or maybe the second skill just happens as she gets super wet and turned on while straddling him on the bed).


Just as her clothing begins coming off, Izzy walks into the room. For those few seconds of surprise, all you can do is hope she wants to join in, right? Let’s just say the threesome was HOT and the orgasms speak for themselves…

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