X-Art Tiffany Thompson in Tiffanys Tight Ass with Brandon

With her fashion model body, full lips, penetrating eyes and personality, X-Art exclusive model Tiffany can do anything. Given the bond of trust and love that we long have shared with her, Tiffany wanted our subscribers to see her as YOU NEVER HAVE SEEN HER BEFORE.

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It started when Tiffany looked into Brandon’s eyes and said,”I want you to fuck me in my ass – and with our X-Art friends watching!” On the first day on the set, everyone was excited and nervous with anticipation. As Tiffany looked into our cameras with a twinkle in her eyes as she sucked Brandon’s cock, I knew that she really was ready. When Tiffany spread her pussy and her cheeks for Brandon, it was like they were fucking for the first time. Then the moment came. The butt plug looks so sexy.


As Brandon eased his ample cock into Tiffany’s tight ass, she gasped in delight. Tiffany spread her cheeks even wider as Brandon’s cock moved in and out of her back door – first slowly, than faster. And deeper. She loved it! And Tiffany definitely loved us watching. Wait until you see how she shows her appreciation

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X-Art Lexi Belle & Mia Malkova in Pretty Babies

If you’d like to see some hot girl on girl action with two awesome all American beauties; who love the ladies…

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This was the first time they had been together and Mia being new to the business was really excited to work with the legendary Lexi (let’s just say she knows what she’s doing).


Watch as Mia and Lexi passionately kiss and get turned on.

Then these two hotties make each other cum with their tongues and fingers until they are moaning with ecstasy! A really fun video starring two amazing girls.

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X-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga Cutie

Watch sexy cutie Caprice do yoga in the nude, X-Art style! Caprice is the cutest yoga student on the planet.She came to class wearing a close-fitting track-suit jacket that showed off her tight, toned abs, and tiny pair of white shorts. Once Caprice started doing her warm-up exercises, the room became REALLY hot. So, she removed her top and continued – topless.

x-art_caprice_sexy_yoga_cutie-3-smlX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga CutieX-Art Caprice Sexy Yoga Cutie

Her perfect breasts pointed up towards the sky as she lifted her hands overhead. She went down on the mat and pushed her pelvis up into bridge pose. Slowly, Caprice slipped her shorts off and continued stretching and doing yoga poses totally nude. Can you imagine being in yoga class with this beauty? Her fingers finally found their way down to her pussy. As she played with herself, she felt relaxed… and ready! Namaste!

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X-Art Ivy Dare to Dream

Petite brunette Ivy is a dream come true! We hope you enjoy this intimate photo-set of a truly beautiful girl. Watch her slip out of her clothes and relax.


Indulge yourself as she stretches her lean body and shows you every inch. What would you do if you were alone with Ivy? One can only dare to dream!

Well, we’re glad she’s enjoying it, hope you enjoy her just as much! I can tell how much she likes it, can you?

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X-Art Marry Me Caprice – Wedding Night Sex Video

After a storybook wedding filled with friends, family, and love, Caprice and her husband Mark return home that evening, husband and wife. Mark picks up his gorgeous bride and carries her upstairs. Waiting in their bedroom are burning white candles, and pure white bedding that matches Caprice’s gown. They are going to make this special night one to remember! He carries her toward their bed as they stare deeply into each other’s eyes.

Mark gently sits Caprice on the edge of their bed and kneels in front of her. He runs his hands up her sheer white stocking covered legs. As his hands continue to move up Caprice’s thighs, the hem of her dress rises to show her garter. Mark continues until his hands reach her white lace panties. He pulls them to the side and moves in close to start kissing and licking Caprice’s sweet pussy. She moans aloud with the intense pleasure she feels from Mark’s tongue flicking her clit.

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After almost reaching an orgasm from the oral sex she received, Caprice gets on her knees and begins to suck her husband’s cock. She takes his entire shaft into her throat and lets him go balls deep. Caprice makes his cock rock hard in under a minute. Both Mark and Caprice know it’s time to consummate the wedding. Caprice places herself in a doggy style position on the bed and Mark comes up behind her. He lifts the hem of her gown and exposes her cute little ass. Mark places the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy and thrusts forward. Caprice and Mark both moan loudly as they have an intense wedding night fuck and orgasm!

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