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X-Art Susie in Body Language with Steven & Jake

Stunning blonde Susie is the center of attention in this incredible HD erotic video release from the folks over at X-Art.com. She is all smiles as she lies on the bed in her pajamas and runs her hands over her breasts and between her legs, rubbing herself through the cloth material. Why the huge smile on her face?

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It seems her boyfriend Steven has invited a friend over to help fulfil and pleasure Susie and she is very eager to get things started. Her hands are quickly replaced by those of these two gentlemen, who fondle her tits, play with her hard nipples and sliding their hands below the waistband of her pjs to feel how wet she is before finally removing her clothing.


Susie sighs in pleasure throughout X-Art Body Language, thoroughly enjoying the attention her incredible body is receiving. Watch as Steven and Jake takes turns kissing her deeply and passionately, moving between her legs and making her incredibly wet and then sliding themselves into her ever eager pussy. Susie is more than happy to return the favors, showing off her amazing oral skills that are captured so well in this high quality erotica vid.


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X-Art Carrie & Misty in Let Me Take Your Picture

What happens when you leave two naughty, experimental girls in bed (in just their panties) with a camera and a dildo?

Well you will have a peak here from the photos, but the HD video is awesome and you can see that these girls had awesome and real orgasms!

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You can also tell how much they are into each other. I hope their boyfriends aren’t jealous (oh wait, maybe they don’t have any). Anyone want to sign up and help them out?


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X-Art Silve & Grace in Wild Things

Welcome to the Jungle. The jungle where all of your dreams come true.

Well that is if one of your dreams is making love to two of the most beautiful women on the planet at the same time in a tropical paradise.

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Join Grace, Tyler and Silvie as they mate like wild animals. Experience their passion as they expertly kiss, suck and fuck in the forest. Watch as Grace takes Tyler’s cock in her mouth until he almost cums, then she puts it back in Silvie.

Finally he pulls out and finishes on Grace’s face (per her request). Naughty, crazy, wild things! We love you!

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X-Art Baby in Names With Tyler

Baby and Tyler are in for a big surprise and you are invited to celebrate with them.

Watch this adorable couple in their apartment and experience the most intimate moments with them.

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I am sure everyone will love this one!

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X-Art Anneli in Miss Perfect

They call Anneli Miss Perfect, and you can clearly see why. She is an all-natural blonde goddess. Her looks are incredible, her body is fantastic, and there is not one noticeable flaw on this young babe.

She’s posing outdoors on a wooden bridge with a scenic country background. Anneli wears just a short jean skirt and tiny white top. She doesn’t even wear any panties or a bra underneath. It’s all Anneli getting tickled by the cool breeze.

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x-art_anneli_miss_perfect-16-smlX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss PerfectX-Art Anneli in Miss Perfect

Anneli poses is a variety of ways on the bridge that cause her skirt to rise up and her bald pussy to come into view. The straps from Anneli’s shirt continuously fall and her perky natural breasts become exposed. She has no inhibitions and doesn’t mind flashing her most intimate of parts.

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X-Art Gina in A Dream of You (Naked in My Bed) with Mathew

Gina is a tiny girl with a major sex drive. Actually, she is what I’d call cock-obsessed (lucky Mathew!)

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She gets turned on seeing his morning erection and begins to masturbate. It doesn’t take long before she crawls on top of him, waking him in the best way EVER possible.


Watch Gina suck and fuck Mathew like never before. She knows what he likes…and maybe what you like too.

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X-Art Kim in Fuck Me More with Jake

What would you do if your dream girl asked you to fuck her? Or even better…TOLD you to fuck her. Maybe stutter, then spit out “God YES!”…or here’s an idea…why don’t you watch a little more X-Art and work on your sex skills?


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Then the issue will not be whether your dream girl asks you fuck her, it will be how much she begs you to fuck her MORE! Here’s what you do first: join the erotic revolution. Second: watch Kim and Jake show you how it’s done. Lastly: Lather, rinse and repeat ;-)

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