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X-Art is an erotic-art focused site with a twist: it features hot hardcore action alongside its high definition artistic nude photography. X-Art.com launched back in 2009 and as such, is a relatively new site to the wide array of arty, HD adult entertainment hubs that populate the Internet. The tour showcases a good number of preview videos – all of which feature stunning sensual and sexual engagement of perfect women – that are free to watch and well worth checking out. Of course, the question is whether the interior of the site matches expectations and delivers on the promises and previews shown in the tour. Read on for a full, comprehensive review of the member’s area of X-Art.com.

The Site:

Members are required to input a simple username and password combination in order to get inside – no PINs, captchas or other annoying hurdles are present to get to the good stuff. Once you log in, X-Art has the most recent scenes displayed on the homepage with dates and preview images attached to them. By the looks of things, X-Art currently updates once a day with alternating video and photograph releases. On average, this means you get 3.5 photo collections and movies per week – we’ll cover exactly how good this is a bit later.

As for the rest of the site, navigation is pretty simple with a bar at the top of every page including links to areas such as the video and photo archives, latest updates and a ‘behind the scenes’ section. I was quite curious as to how this worked, so I headed on over and learnt a little about the history of the site. Turns out the blog archives of the behind the scenes area goes all the way back to Jan of 2007, where BeautyIsDivine.com released its very first photo shoot. As it turns out, Beauty Is Divine eventually turned into X-Art, and now it maintains and facilitates access to all of the content that was put on that website. While it might not be for every surfer, I quite enjoyed looking at all of the musings and general ethos of the people behind X-Art.com. Be sure to check it out if you want to know more about how it all started.

The site does have a support section, with simple links to cancelling your membership and an email address for all other enquiries. Aside from that, there isn’t much that X-Art has apart from a white label webcam service. You can watch girls but you have to pay a little more over the top of your original join fee. Speaking of which, how about we move on to the content element of X-Art.com?

The Content:

Speaking from a subjective point of view, I absolutely love what X-Art has. On the Internet today you have a split of websites in the adult industry: some go for more artistic nudity, whereas others go for all-out hardcore action. The combination between the both is perfect. Lighting plays a big role in what goes on at X-Art, and I love how much attention they pay to ensuring the scenery is supportive of the action. The babes are stunning and I’d say a good 90% are 18-23 years of age and fit in the ‘skinny’ and ‘athletic’ model description categories. The action is hardcore between men and women, women and women or, on special releases, just one babe. So you get solo masturbation, lesbian action on full-on traditional penetration. As a bottom line on X-Art’s material, I think it has some great content that is well worth checking out.

On a more objective note, fans of high quality media will be more than happy with what X-Art.com offers. For starters, there’s a 1920×1080 pixel WMV/MOV format download that clocks bitrates around 5 Mb/s. If streaming is more your cup of tea, an embedded Flash player at 850×480 pixels will be supplying you with the artistic hardcore action you desire. As an additional note, smaller options are available, with a total of 12 different format types and qualities on offer to members. Content numbers are pretty solid as well, with over 375 videos and 475 photo shoots to enjoy. Videos typically last around 15 minutes and photo shoots contain an average of 50 images. I think it’s fair to say there’s a good amount of porn on X-Art.com and I can’t see even the most addicted of porn fans getting through the entire archive of material with the rate at which new content is released.

The Conclusion:

X-Art.com might not have the most sophisticated platform or come with all the bells and whistles some other porn sites have, but the simple fact that the content is exclusive as a product and unique in its production style, I find it hard to think of a single reason why signing up would be a bad idea. The daily update schedule, the good archive size and the quality of the babes all work so well together in order to deliver a premium porn package that guarantees user satisfaction.

If you want a site that can deliver new material 365 days a year that combines two of the best aspects of modern Internet pornography, X-Art.com is the place for you.

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