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Kenna James is one of the hottest teens you’ll ever have the chance of seeing on the screen! Her hot little body and her blonde hair will make you feel like a teenager again! And you will want her, from the first time you see her! Play any erotic x-art video and you’ll notice that there’s something special and different about the whole thing, and she’ll present to you whole new ways of passionate fucking and love making. Kenna James doesn’t like to go fast from the beginning, she likes to kiss and feel the lips of her partner.

Her sensual body just makes you wanna touch her and kiss her all over her body, in fact, that’s what she wants you to do. In every video, she gets the kick from her partner kissing every single part of the body, and that’s the way she gets ecstatically horny and wants the party to go the next level. She then likes to feel a penis penetrating her, slowly, with an increasing tempo. She touches herself through the whole scene and cums with the most attractive and cute moaning. Kenna James really likes to be rewarded with a cum on her face!

  • Kenna James is Clearly Stunning 2

    Kenna James is Clearly Stunning

    Who wouldn’t love to have Kenna James for dinner (and desert). As beautiful, real and fun as she is sweet: Kenna is the whole package and then some. When she brushes your arm, goosebumps appear. She has the majestic beauty of a Unicorn and is also the down home girl that can line dance and […]

  • X-Art Kenna & Madi Meadows in Sexy Summer Camp 16

    X-Art Kenna & Madi Meadows in Sexy Summer Camp

    A gorgeous blonde and beautiful brunette sneak away to their cabin in the woods for a weekend of wild sex. Click Here to see the HD Video! Before the boys arrive, Madi and Kenna get down to business. The Great Outdoors has never looked better!

  • Kenna James & Alex in Kenna: The Next Lucky Man (OMG its Alex!) 5

    Kenna James & Alex in Kenna: The Next Lucky Man (OMG its Alex!)

    Two of the many things we love about Kenna are her sense of adventure and her desire to have fun. Our adorable girlfriend loves new adventures and is eager to reveal her intense and beautiful sexual appetite with only a lucky selection of men and women. (And she is Exclusively for us now!) Click Here […]

  • X-Art Naomi & Kenna in Tickle My Pink 4

    X-Art Naomi & Kenna in Tickle My Pink

    Newcomer Naomi Woods rocks with her long blonde locks and bright blue eyes. Beautiful cutie Kenna James is dressed in pink lingerie, but not for long. As the girls’ lips meet in a passionate kiss, they can’t help but undress themselves! Naomi’s kiss makes Kenna’s pussy crave more love. Kenna climbs atop her sweet friend’s […]

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    X-Art Kenna James & James Deen in Kenna's Sexual Fantasy 3

    X-Art Kenna James & James Deen in Kenna’s Sexual Fantasy

    Isn’t it some men’s dreams to have sex with a stunning model like Kenna James? Now imagine she has only been with women? What if you were the lucky guy to show her just how good sex with the opposite sex can be? Imagine her tight, throbbing pussy wet with excitement for this new experience […]

  • Blonde College Girl Perfection 4

    Blonde College Girl Perfection

    Do you remember your college years? Are you in college? Did you ever wonder what those sorority girls on their drunken girls nights did? And I don’t mean the softball team. I mean come on, who didn’t experiment. Even if you didn’t go to college and you’re a girl didn’t you want to try a […]

  • Fucking Hippie Chicks Kenna James & Elena Koshka 3

    Fucking Hippie Chicks Kenna James & Elena Koshka

    Elena and Kenna are arguably the most gorgeous girls in Erotic modeling. Both could be supermodels and have the personalities of hippie angels. So it’s no wonder that when they touch each other’s velvety soft skin and wrap their long legs around each other the temperature in the room heats up. Watch as your two […]

  • Kenna James in Born to be Wild with James Deen 16

    Kenna James in Born to be Wild with James Deen

    Born to be wild. No question about that. Kenna James and James Deen are wild and then some together. They are on each other and panting just like hungry animals. They can’t get enough of each other. These two have a special bond for sure. You can try to count how many orgasms Kenna has […]