X-Art Caprice – Deep Inside Caprice

X-Art Caprice - Deep Inside Caprice 1

Caprice played with herself for a minute or two before grabbing her new sex toy – a large, smooth, clear glass ‘kaleidoscope’ dildo.  She licked the cylinder to get it wet, and then rubbed it gently on the outside of her pussy.

As she pushed the end of the toy into the soft opening of her pussy, she wondered how on earth she could ever fit it inside. She could feel her lips stretching around the hard shaft.

Once the toy hit the wetness inside, it moved more easily. She worked it back and forth until she was able to slide the end in. She moaned uncontrollably in pleasure. The stretch felt so good!

As she slowly moved the toy in and out, her pussy lips grabbed on tightly. Can you imagine what it would feel like if that were your cock instead of the toy? OMG!

As Caprice turned towards us, we could suddenly see all the way – deep inside her. Rings of perfect pink flesh seemed to go on forever. After she had an orgasm, Caprice pulled the toy out gently and licked her juices off of it… A beautiful sight to behold.

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  1. Caprice you must let me suck your little pussy, lick you clean of all the girl cum, sit on my face as I wank my big dick dry, then eat all the cum off my wilting dick

  2. Caprice is easily the most perfect woman ever. From her goddess-like shape, to her innocent looks, she embodies every man’s fantasy. ( A perfect figure combined with a youthful charm.) She doesn’t look “world-weary” like some other models. Every woman wants to look like her, and every man wants to be with her. A rare find in a jaded industry.

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