X-Art Connie Romantic Memories

X-Art Connie Romantic Memories 1

Connie’s boyfriend has taken care of everything to ensure that he and his gorgeous girlfriend have a nice romantic and intimate evening together. He guides her in front of the fireplace and begins gently caressing her body while kissing her deeply. Connie smiles seductively as she allows him to undo her silk robe, watching him keenly as he takes in the beauty of her naked body.

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Aroused by his desire, Connie submits to his every whim and relaxes as his hands and lips explore her body. When he lowers his face between her legs she raises her hips and sighs in passion as his tongue teases her, making her more and more aroused by the second.


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  1. Yes, the good Christian girl so dutifully submits to him & enjoys his passionate thrusts deep into her good-girl pussy, which she so easily gives him.
    They make love.
    He doesn’t like wearing condoms & she doesn’t make him wear one.
    She looks lovingly into his eyes as he pushes in & out of her.
    As he probes her pussy deeper into her innocence, she “squeezes” or “clenches” his penis with her vagina muscles.
    That act of love shows him she truly desires him.
    It almost makes him cum right there.

    After about 20-30 minutes of passionately thrusting in & out of her pussy, she feels his penis begin to spasm.
    Soon, his spermy nonChristian cum sprays against her pussy walls.
    She kisses him even more as his cock conquers her.
    She never wants his to pull-out of her pussy, which is now subservient to his carnal desires.

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