X-Art Friends with Benefits featuring Veronika

X-Art Friends with Benefits featuring Veronika 1

Veronika and David are good friends and co-workers who love to have sex with each other now and then for fun and stress relief. When Veronika first met David, she thought he was charming and sweet, but not really her type. But one afternoon, after the holiday party at their office, they both ended up back at his flat.

These two office buddies always laugh and have a good time together. So, when Veronika casually mentioned that she gives a great blowjob – David smiled and asked her to prove it. Never one to turn down a dare, Veronika unzipped David’s pants. Holding his cock in her beautiful hands, Veronika pulled him closer and brushed her lips against his neck. David’s cock grew long and hard in response.

Veronika twirled her tongue around the head of David’s cock. The feeling was incredible, so he wanted to return the favor. David pulled her jeans off and started to slowly kiss and lick Veronika’s pussy. “Should we?” he asked, pulling her pussy gently apart. The smile on her face said, “YES!”

Without uttering another word David slid the head of his cock inside his friend’s gorgeous pussy. She loved the way it made her feel so full, stretching open. “Oh my God! I’m cumming” Veronika said, her face flush with excitement. David pushed his cock all the way inside.

It’s nice to have friends with benefits! Enjoy!

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