X-Art Hayden H Summer Plaything

X-Art Hayden H Summer Plaything 2

Experience the ultimate summer fantasy, involving a crazy HOT blonde and one very fast car! Imagine you come home on a summer afternoon to find sexy little blonde Hayden waiting for you, ready to have some fun.

She asks if she can sit in the driver’s seat of your sports car. “Sure. Why not?” you reply with a smile.She climbs inside your car and closes the door, looking up at you with the cutest little smile and those bright blue eyes.

Hayden looks incredible – her smooth, milky white skin brushing against the fine leather seats. Her skimpy white cotton top falls down to reveal her puffy nipples.

It’s a little hot in the garage so you follow Hayden out to the driveway. She strips out of her top and panties, playing in the bamboo trees and stretching out before you.
As she leans back, she playfully touches her pussy. She gently pulls the light pink folds back, revealing the most beautiful place. Up on both feet, she hikes her knees up high and arches her back as she begins to touch herself. She plays with her clit and teases her ass, then starts slowly fucking herself with one finger.

When she’s about to have an orgasm, Haydens inserts another finger into her pussy, opening herself wide for you while she cums. You watch her pussy contracting uncontrollably in the height of orgasm! Enjoy!

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  1. She is perfect. She is the girl I have always dreamt of. The phrase ‘ timeless beauty’ is, perhaps, a cliche, but she is indeed just that. I could happily look at her all day.
    Wonderful, truly wonderful.

  2. Easily one of my favorite webpages.
    It’s a lovely fantasy that you have outlined at the top, and she does indeed have beautifully puffy nipples. A delight to behold.

  3. This lovely girl is breathtakingly beautiful. However she is not just that, she is also
    intensely erotic and the combination of breathtaking beauty and intense erotic appeal
    (two things which do not necessarily go together) are rare and wonderful.
    She is the type of girl you simply cannot stop looking at.

  4. She looks marvellous. I imagine that she would look great in a pair of leather shorts.
    Black leather shorts. Tight black leather shorts.
    They would suit her.

  5. This girl is impossible to forget. Once seen, never forgotten. Superb photos, by the way.
    I agree with the comment above: She would definetly look great in a pair of leather shorts.
    Tight shiny leather shorts…
    So tight that you see the perfect curve of her buttocks in the shiny leather….
    Well, I’m sure you get the picture…

  6. Lovely isn’t she? But why ‘ Summer Plaything’? She is definitely a girl for all seasons.
    And if it is too cold for her to pose outside then I would love to keep her warm…in my bed!!!

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