X-Art Heaven Sent Olivia

X-Art Heaven Sent Olivia 1

Like an angel from Heaven, Olivia came to us one day from the Midwest, saying she’d always dreamed of posing nude. “I really like my body, and I think sex is a lot of fun… nothing to be ashamed of,” says Olivia.

Although she was a little shy at first, she warmed up as soon as her clothes started to come off. Olivia insisted on trying our clear glass ‘kaleidoscope’ toy. She pushed it gently into her tight pussy, and slid it in and out.

She made the cutest moaning sound as she was about to cum… truly Heaven Sent!




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  1. Incredible beauty! Olivia doesn’t look a day over…well, damn she is nice. Of course her gorgeous hair stands out firstly but every little bit of her is outstanding.

  2. Truely, Olivia is an angel sent from heaven. Her youthful looks, the natural beauty found in her eye’s and hair. She is pure eye candy….

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