X-Art Kato Long Legs and All

X-Art Kato Long Legs and All 1

Kato struts into the room wearing a form-fitting minidress. As she leans back against a wall, the dress begins to ride up on her long, lean thighs.

She looks just like a fashion model, except for the fact that her pussy is peaking out from under the dress. Kato tugs the top of the dress down, exposing her breasts. Turning to look at her reflection in the mirror, she pulls the dress up even higher, showing off her perfect ass.

From a ground level view, you can see all the way up her dress… the view is divine. Finally Kato takes her dress off and stands completely naked before you. Her legs seem to go on forever. Imagine how good it would feel if they were wrapped tightly around you. She squats down just above the floor, balancing on her stilettos. She rests her hands on her thighs as her legs open. She wants to show you EVERYTHING…

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