X-Art Leila in Three for The Show

X-Art Leila in Three for The Show 1

Leila is a guy’s girl. She’s always part of the gang of guys that watch football, hang out together, and just chill. Two of the guys invited Leila over for a day at the pool.


She happily accepted the invitation and showed up in her favorite orange bikini. The boys took one look at Leila and realized she wouldn’t just be one of the guys today.

Her orange bikini was tiny and showed off Leila’s body. The guys were turned on and had to admit that their friend was now a hottie they had to have. After a few drinks they convinced Leila to take her top off. After a few more drinks they were all skinny dipping together. A drink or two more and the boys were now double teaming Leila’s sweet young pussy! Her amazing tits, great ass, and tight wet pussy made Leila their new best friend!

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