X-Art Natural Beauty Featuring Maryjane

X-Art Natural Beauty Featuring Maryjane 1

Maryjane is a natural beauty with soft auburn hair, radiant light blue eyes, puffy nipples and a petite figure. In this sexy photoseries, Maryjane lounges about on a carefree summer day in the nude.

She’s nonchalant as she reaches down to touch her pussy, as if to say she isn’t shy about showing you what she looks like down there. Leaning back, she begins to gently rub her pussy, getting the blood pumping. The pleasure causes her to tilt her head upwards towards the sun. She spreads herself wide open just before plunging one finger all the way inside. Enjoy the show!

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Remember your first love or your first time? Watch Maryjane in this hot HD video and you’ll wish it was with her!

The intensity and desire that course through young veins is something we (as a human race) never really forget. After all, without sex we would not exist. Sex, (along with food and water LOL) is one of the only things we can’t live without, the reason why the innate desire to procreate comes on so strong when we hit our teens…and actually never completely subsides.

In this video the raw passion and excitement of young love is captured flawlessly on film. Watch Maryjane and Tommy breathlessly make-out, watch her tease him and take his cock in her mouth until he can’t stand it any longer and enters her from above. She then climbs on top of his large member and rides him until they have an awesome mutual orgasm! Ahh, young love!



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  1. Any idea what’s her full name? Maryjane is a “too common” name to search in google for her. The best way to search her is always entering key word “Maryjane X-art”. If her full name is disclosed, probably easier to track her work outside of X-art…

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