X-Art Poolside Romp Stacy

X-Art Poolside Romp Stacy 1

Imagine a cute 19 year old walking up to you while you’re sunbathing, and asking if you’d mind rubbing a little suntan oil on her ‘down there’. You’re sitting by the pool, soaking up the sun, when along comes 19 year old Stacy, wearing a denim bikini and sunglasses.


“I want to get an even suntan,” she says, reaching around and untying her bikini top. She lets the top fall to the ground, revealing the perkiest breasts you’ve seen in a long time. “I have a secret to tell you,” Stacy says, bringing her head next to your ear. She rubs against you as she lowers down, pulling your towel off your waist at the same time.

Stacy puts your cock in her mouth – wasting no time at all. She swirls her tongue around the tip, looking up at you with her pretty blue eyes. After a few moments of sucking, you’re already on the brink of orgasm. “Wait, I want to show you something else!” says Stacy. She pulls down her bikini bottoms. Her tiny pussy looks irresistible in the sunlight.

She climbs on top of you and straddles your cock. Lowering down slowly, she can barely fit you inside. She bucks up and down like a wild animal, easing your cock all the way in – then out again.

You can feel the cum building up inside you as you flip her over onto her knees and fuck her doggy-style. She looks so hot with her little ass way up high in the air. Finally, you turn her onto her back and press your cock as deep inside her as you can. She smiles as you pull back, spraying your cum all over her hot pink pussy! This is why we love summertime!

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